Monday, October 17, 2011

Chains of Religion and Belief

Service again. If your beliefs are serving you, you are free. If you are serving them, you are enslaved.

Of course there are nuances, but this is from my phone and my fingers are cold.


  1. Returning to our Chaos roots are we? =P

  2. Fuck no. Belief is not a thing you can turn on and off. It is what makes the world you experience, in a very very real way, but it's not something you just control at will, believing for a bit, and then believing something else. The idea behind chaos magic is correct, of course, but the common interpretation of it is dead wrong.

    If you can "believe" in something for the duration of a rite, and then just shrug it off as you leave the circle, you never really believed it. You were pretending.

    And your results will be pretend results.


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