Sunday, October 23, 2011

Call me PaROnoid

From "Obama: All US Troops Will Leave Iraq by Year's End.
The War is Over
Ok, so just in time for thousands of currently-peaceful OWS protesters to be hitting the streets of America in non-violent expression of their disgust with corporate America's involvement in government, the "war" in Iraq ends and 50,000 US troops will be coming home.

50,000 combat veterans with specialized training and direct combat experience in urban guerrilla warfare.

How convenient is that?

Expect the "National Guard" to be deployed. Hopefully it's just paranoia, and that will never happen, and it won't get any worse for us than it did for the hippies. Hope for that.

But prepare for the worst.

The way I see it, the 1% has a couple of factions. The Warren Buffet/Starbucks faction that supports higher taxes (because they STILL make more in profit in a year than the 99% make their whole lives) and job creation because it's a nice way to spend their money and it shows the 1% are Americans too. The Others are the old school Hawks, who believe they earned their money, worked hard for it, and by God, they aren't going to give up a penny just because the lazy unwashed rabble are protesting that life is hard.

The problem is, the Hawks have the law on their side. They wrote most of it, buying or renting senators and congressmen (on both sides of the aisle) to vote it into law. The Government is legally required to defend them from rioting mobs.

So in your magical preparations, take these things into account.

And be careful with your magic. There are things called "unintended consequences" that you have to manage and mitigate.

In fact, if you're new to this whole political magic thing, please don't go running in binding everything the social media funny posters say are evil. One guy I know mentioned "binding congress." I don't know what he meant by that, but imo, congress is already bound, bound to corporations, self interest, greed, and ideology. I'd rather see them freed from that, freed to govern, empowered in righteousness (the real kind), graced with wisdom, inspired to brilliance. Wouldn't it be awesome if for once in history, the day was saved by about 535 Americans governing for the common good?

Be careful. Don't make things worse. Just because someone made an image and posted it to FaceBook doesn't mean it's right, true, or even applicable in your personal politics. Do some research, find out what the reality is, so you can target your focused changes at things that will make it better for everyone.


  1. I approve of this wordplay.

    And advice, naturally.

  2. Hopefully it is just paranoia. But you're right--it seems way too convenient for the National Guard to NOT be deployed soon. The recipe is perfect in a sense..

    I would also expect a slimy group to infiltrate and make a big ruckus as to give a good public reason to bring them in. Like when you see burning cop cars on TV during "riots" that were otherwise peaceful protests.

    I mean it's the same thing all the time anyway. Distinct media patterns. Peaceful protests. Suddenly they're "riots!" "burning cop cars!"

    And these things are actually *very* sinister when they occur... G20 security in Toronto last year was a big eye opener. Folks in these protests need to be careful if the National Guard is deployed. Even walking past protests while not being part of the protests. Bad "stay your ass inside and don't leave home if you live anywhere near the protests" shit, I would imagine.

  3. Yes but why should a sorcerer care about the 99%, who are after all mostly muggles and sleepers? Don't the esoterically empowered belong among the 1% who mold perceptions and shape reality for the other 99%? Aren't the financial wizards, tech moguls, advertisers, propagandists, preachers and politicians the real sorcerers of our age?

    Personally I don't see the appeal of mass political movements unless I am controlling them, nor am I impressed with democracy, socialism or egalitarian culture of any kind. Give me a magocracy of sorcerer-kings and to hell with mugglocracy!

  4. Wow, Sean, really?

    I used to be like that, a lot. I hope you get over it more gently than I did.

  5. One thing we usually forget, is that many of these people that have the power, are occultist too. A Congressman doesn't have the power "just because"; neither a CEO in a corporation.

    Many of them move into circles of power (regardless you believe or like it). Many of them are Freemasons, some other Rosicrucians and some other even involved in other traditions; including ATR's, so we don't have to be naive thinking that these people are in power just because of their money or by the law.

  6. I would rather pray for the Federal government (and state, county, city etc...) to be wise, just, law abiding and good.

  7. Interesting post. I understood the decision to return from Iraq in a different light.

    Iraq has a lot of Iranian agents and that is a trend that is not likely to reverse any time soon. Syria is on the brink of civil war with breakaway brigades forming and a number of other countries that have had Arab springs are moving in to the camps of Islamists such as Muslim Brotherhood.

    All of which adds up to (in my opinion): let's pull back and in preparation for the next front opening up.

    The fact that it coincides with the Occupy movement is significant. I'm not 100% sure if that front will be the Home Front or not.

    Also, I think that Frater VL make a good point about those in power being occultists too.

  8. I have been expecting a "False Flag" operation for some time - a bomb in a bank or somebody in a Guy Fawkes mask pepper-spraying a cop's children on their way home from school. Honestly, I think the only reason it hasn't yet happened is because the Powers That Be can smell the coffee and realize that said operation might be greeted not with horror but with cheering.

    I would not be surprised to see the National Guard deployed sooner or later against protestors. And there's a part of me that thinks this may be a Good Thing. Our current system may well be so rotten that we need a full-scale revolution and some guillotines to fix things. But the other part of me - the non-Lokean part that dislikes violence and bloodshed - hopes that the continuing protests will pressure our elected representatives to make changes that are more than just cosmetic.

  9. I think it's a little paranoid to think of this as any sort of coordinated action, for two reasons. First of all, the last 50,000 troops left in Iraq are mostly non-combat units, and second of all the administration tried to work out a security agreement that would have allowed a significant percentage of them to stay, but the Iraqi government flat-out refused. So they're coming home.

    I will say, though, that I don't think it's paranoid at all to wonder whether or not the "hawk" wing of 1% will try to take advantage of the situation. I mean, they usually do. And there's nothing wrong with being prepared ahead of time, magically speaking. As far as being worried about the "muggles" goes, I'm of the opinion that anybody who doesn't think they can be dangerous in large groups is being rather short-sighted. In Africa and India witches are killed by mobs all the time, and you know what? Probably a small percentage of those are actual practitioners rather then just scapegoats for community misfortune.

    It only makes sense that the most powerful people in our society have access to magick, though I'm sure they call their magicians "management consultants" and the like or practice secretly themselves. I have on good authority that a pretty high percentage of the super-rich use astrology, for example, and I'm betting it goes a lot deeper than that. One critique I will level at Frater VL, though, is that there's hardly any magick left in Freemasonry. There are a fair number of occultists in the lodge that I belong to, but we are very unusual in that regard compared to most of the other lodges I've come into contact with.

  10. It's actually unlikely that the two are connected.

    While the soldiers you're talking about do have specialty training, they also have had it in their head that they are "defending America, and American citizens"

    To come home to America, and suddenly have to attack and detain their own people? I highly doubt it. That would take a lot of deprogramming. It's more likely that if serious action were taken it would be done by police, who are used to detaining American citizens daily.

    If it was ordered for the military to "deal with" OWS, you'd more likely have a lot of deserters, and then more people like this guy: 1 marine against 30 NYC police is pretty damn impressive if you ask me. No one wants to arrest the veteran. You do that, and even more military would be opposing the police.

    Creating an environment where military are deserting and opposing police forces is a recipe for things to get seriously ugly, and I don't think anyone wants that.

  11. I'm not 100% sold on a coordinated effort either.
    But if it was, I would welcome it.

    I go back and forth on the OWS folks. Sometimes I think they are close to naming the real enemy here running the banks. But somehow it keeps escaping them and they revert back to somehow having the govt. pay their expenses. Ugh it makes me sick how stupid the populous must be.
    If they can't get it, then this little protest(whatever it is) should be squashed, because it is quickly devolving into a recruitment for the REDS.

  12. Its the same group of folks it has always been who like to muddle in international affairs...The Rothschilds and the "International-Bankers".

  13. It doesn't matter what it looks like, if it is true and based on facts. People are so afraid of labels right now, that there is no way that anyone is going to get to the true cause of things. "Oh you are racist if you state the statistics on this, or an anti-semite if you state the statistics on this".
    But facts are just that; they don't have opinions and are neither racist nor anti-Semitic. They just are.

  14. Beneath, I agree with you on this 100%, exactly what you said, the facts should speak for themselves.

    So far, sticking to the facts has been fine. It hasn't been about the jewish bankers in general or the specific banks that happen to be owned by Jews, but as soon as you start singling them out, you've changed the game entirely.

    It doesn't matter who the names are, the facts are what matters, and the folks who are supposed to change the laws need to change them according to the facts. It doesn't matter who owns or operates it, it's the way it's being run and operated that has to change.

    So I don't want them to start naming names. I want them to stick to facts, general facts that can be addressed by policy, regulation, and legal action. Then apply those laws equally to all the banks.

  15. The thing is, Beneath, the facts are that the Rothschild family hasn't controlled international finance to any real degree for more than a hundred years. Today they're just another rich family among many. Throwing out the name like that kind of marks you as a conspiracy theorist uninterested in the current financial situation of the world, in which a whole new set of wealthy players put in motion the events that led up to the 2008 crash.

  16. Its funny. People use the term "conspiracy-theorist" as a way to discredit or discount someone's argument. Its very similar to throwing the word "racist" around. It doesn't mean anything.

    The point is, that majority of the stuff that occurs in history was and is planned by a select group of people first, aka conspired. The EU is a prime example of such a conspiracy where a backdoor in an economic plan created a new government. One that tries to subvert the sovereignty of many European nations to give rise to some ghastly United States of Europe I suppose. Well you know...The EU isn't a democracy nor a republic so...
    And to say that the Rothschilds are out of the globalist agenda is an outright lie. Besides, the "international-banker" was a means to cover those many other globalists-scumbags.

  17. Have you seen this yet?

    Somebody has been industriously connecting a whole lot of dots (literally -- click here to see those dots).

  18. Thanks marginaleye for posting the New Scientist link. It made very interesting reading of the facts.


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