Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tea Party, Occupation, and Occultists: The Big Picture

In my rant against the Occupation, I bemoaned the fact that the Occupiers have no view of History, no idea of where they're at in the decline of civilization, and they ought to be doing (basically) the Great Work to really change the world.

But the truth is, I am the one who lost perspective on where we're at socially as a global community, and that's something Magicians, Kings, Sages, Sorcerers, and other forms of entrepreneurs really, really can't afford to do. Not if they're serious about the fundamental axiom "As above, so below."

Basically, and I'm being brief because it's important to get this up and then I gotta get back to work, there are currents manifesting across the world, and it's manifesting all over. Tea Party, Occupation, Arab Spring, London Riots, Drug Cartel wars... There's revolution in the air. And it's all related, somehow. Here's a neat pic for you to chew on, M.C. and BtF:

It's a bit simplified, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

And the main thing to remember, imo, is that these are profitable times for magicians, my brothers and sisters. Times of unrest send people flocking to us for help and answers in droves.

[EDIT: And you'd damned well better be able to offer them something useful if you're going to offer anything at all.]

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