Friday, October 07, 2011

Astral Warrior Vortex Talismans

In the Astral Warrior's Handbook, I talk about making a talisman that you can use to open a portal to the Astral Realm simply by sitting comfortably in your chair and holding it in your hand while you mutter arcane Hebrew words that speak of the Intelligency of the Intelligencies of the Moon.

It functions as a portable vortex that you can open and close whenever you want to. It's convenient for people who want to do a lot of astral magic, but don't necessarily want to open a full time permanent vortex to the astral planes in their bedrooms.

These talismans are relatively simple to make. I used a herkimer diamond, and worked with the Intelligence of the Moon. I used the Modern Angelic Grimoire technique to conjure the Intelligence, and then set up the talisman so it would be triggered by speaking the name of the Intelligence. It's a pretty simple ritual, and everything you need to make your own is online for free.

However, if you don't have the time, or maybe Hermetic conjure magic isn't your forte, or you simply would rather have one made by a professional who's done it before successfully, I'm offering these talismans for $45 $75*. They will come with instructions on consecration (over the period of a full cycle of the Moon), as well as the Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual.

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* Note: Astral Warrior Vortex Talismans are now $75. I didn't realize the price of Herkimer Diamonds had gone up so much. Sheesh.

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