Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's not hate, it's wrath

Occupy Wall Street! Meet at Starbucks to Organize!


Wake the fuck up. We've got ten thousand years of history on Wikipedia. Pick a fucking civilization. Any of the ones that have fallen. Look at what happened. Pick another, and tell me what was different. And another. And another. And another.

Now look at your goddamned "culture." Look at what you're protesting FOR. You want the money the rich folks have so you can have that ipad. It's not fair that THEY get the ipads, or droids, is it? It's not fair that THEY get the best healthcare, secreted out in the middle of the night for clandestine liver transplants that you or I won't qualify for unless we're as rich and famous as Steve Jobs, is it? FUCK NO it isn't fair!

Nor has it ever been.

But what you really want is to get "back" to being able to have whatever you want whenever you want it. You never had that, but shit, it wasn't as hard as it is now, was it? People had jobs, and houses, and if you went to college, you were guaranteed a career, right? 

No, not everyone. Not everyone in America, for sure. And remember the rest of the world? Humans from all over the world, 85% of whom make less than $2000 a year. Your life today in America, unemployed, uninsured, moved back in with mommy and daddy, no car, no club money... it's still magnitudes greater than theirs ever was, or ever will be. Ever. 

You are a spoiled ass bitchy whiny selfish rotten brat. 

You mad bro? You should be. At yourself. 

Here's the TRVTH. Your life sucks because of who you are, and what you've done with it for the last few years. You've done the bare minimum, spent way to much, and you're going to have to suck it up for 50-75 years, if things get better. Might be another Dark Age, who knows? 

Life's harder than you thought? Yeah. Wah. Hard to get a job? Yeah. Wah. Had to live with three generations of a single family under one roof when you were making a fortune in comparison before in a home in the suburbs? Wah.

Hard times hit, and you're either rolling with the punches, using the cycle to your advantage, or getting ass fucked and crying about it. Or getting the fuck out. 

You idealists wanting to make the world more fair, look at history. It's never been fair. You "idealists" aren't even Idealists. You're materialists. You want to work as little as possible and have as much as possible. You don't want to have to grow a garden, can food, cook yourself, work together with other people in the community just to get by, that's hard. That's what POOR folk do! 

Welcome to Humanity, bitches. 


You go Occupy with latte in hand!

I'll be ruling my kingdom like a King. Responsibly. Wisely. Proactively. Profitably. Aware of my means and living in them. Aware of the environmental impact of so-called conveniences. Keeping my family safe.

If everyone "occupying" were to do the same, it wouldn't matter what the bankers were doing. Demanding change from leadership, demanding redistribution of wealth and health is ignoring every other example of that same exact thing for the last ten thousand years. Slaves begging for a new master. 

Look, it doesn't matter where you go or what you do when you get there, it matters who you are all the time. Years of indolence and decadence have led to this stage, and it's a profitable phase of societal breakdown for those with the heart, mind, and willingness to work to take advantage of what they've got to work with. All it takes is achieving your potential as a Human.


  1. While I don't oppose congregating on an area to prove a point, I find these types of protest redundant since they don't have a clear message.

    That's what happened in the G20 summit here in Toronto; lots of protesters, lots of messages around, went nowhere and was overshadowed by violence.

    Yesterday, there was an article about students coming out of university here in Canada and could not find a job in their chosen fields. I then looked at the articles examples and saw professions like "Communications Expert", "Political Science" & some sort of entertainment industry and I chuckled because to me, the article lost it's credibility.

    I'm sure there is a lack of employment in Toronto but not in Canada, there are places to actually work. As well, realistically speaking - who would hire someone fresh out of college in comparison to someone who has working experience.

    People just need to get their business handles, don't even need magick for that - lot's of self help books out there.

  2. I'm of two minds on this movement.

    On the one hand, I agree with everything you say, especially with regards to the young folk in the movement. I may have been a philosophy/religion major, but I spent time learning IT as well cause I knew my degree wasn't going to earn me any cash.

    On the other hand, I'm reflecting on life in the past 30 years or so and all the truly fucked-up things that have happened between the classes.

    The image that fills my mind is that Fortuna's wheel is turning to the downside for America as a whole, but especially for the current power structures.

    The question is, who will just stand there and be crushed, or who will run up to that damn wheel, fight to grab a spoke and enjoy the ride upward?

  3. Interesting. I think I'll have to frequent this blog.

  4. I don't think you understand what you think you understand. The protest are about big money control of everything, including our government. I support them. It isn't even close to what you portrayed the motives as.

  5. I'm totally on board with your call to stop whining about the circumstances of life and actually make good of it for yourself. Totally.

    But there is a huge problem in America. It's not what it used to be and it's not in the condition it was that made it a fucking great place. I don't whine about what I have on my plate as I realize I have made my own bed, and it's not such a bad bed either.

    But I am NOT okay with the direction this country is moving in. I am NOT okay with how much of this country is in the control of the bankers. We're headed for some really dark times and even responsible folks like you will suffer, despite doing everything you saw fit to making good of your opportunities.

    America has changed, man. I don't call for a redistribution of the wealth (being all anti-socialist as I am), but this country needs nothing short of a revolution. If you don't see that America as a whole is now getting fucked, I don't know what else to say.

  6. I think there are larger issues at stake than "I want an iPad." And "buck up" has never been a particularly effective solution to systemic problems of inequality. I'm not sure protesting has been, either, but at least people are no longer ignoring the problems.

  7. Some interesting reading:

    Watch out for Azazel bro. He's a tricky bastard, and you two have an established track record together. He's one of the guardians of the Prime Mobile, and has plagued me for years. With your choleric temperament, I'd say more than a few priest's servants are going to lose their ears if you're not careful.

    At the same time, I understand your frustration. Like R.A.W. said, many if not most liberals are "closet aristocrats". When I was younger, more idealistic, and fairly naive, I used to only see the problems with the right. Now I see the human failings of both sides. Please realize though, that the Repubs and others on the right have a long history of encouraging victims of systematic injustice to blame themselves for their problems, when they were engineered by someone who believed trickle-down economics would fix everything.

    I want to point out to you that we as American men have a tendency to blame ourselves first, because of our strong philosophies concerning hard work and pulling one's self up by the bootstraps. We are proud individualists, and when we've been systematically screwed and put into a lose-lose situation, its very hard for us to admit defeat.

    I think, despite your low opinions, that a lot (if not most) working men in this country place the blame for financial hardship solely on their own shoulders. Its a fallacy. Like you pointed out, we all rise and fall together -- none of us succeed or fail in isolation. Spirituality helps us to release attachment to material success (or lack thereof), but its still important to acknowledge when we're playing a rigged game.

    There was a pic floating around facebook the other day that had the old familiar "teach a man to fish" cliche. It addended to the end, however, that if you dump a truckload of toxic waste into the man's fishing waters, you can't expect him to feed himself anymore.

  8. And, as for why the protests started with those damned "socialist" unemployed, students, and blood sucking retirees on social security, it's called available time. Those middle class, wine sipping suburbanites (guilty as charged) often are busy trying to hold things together in our "kingdoms" to legitimize something in the eyes of the bought media.

  9. I am not a fan of whiny protests, either. The occupy wallstreet movement, eh, I don't bother thinking about them. I give them the same attention I give the Tea Party: none.

    That said, there is an issue in this country. A serious one. In my opinion we should toss every single one of our congressional leaders out on their asses--republican and democrat-- and start with a new congress. Our current congressional leaders have become far too comfortable taking risks with the lives of American people all for the sake of uncompromising ideologies. But that's just me.

  10. I couldn't have said it better myself..I love your blog!

  11. "You go Occupy with latte in hand!"

    I'm rolling in laughter at your commentary on these sad and pathetic people. Just the fact that they are meeting at Starbucks to organize their protest is hilarious! These latte-sipping liberals need to realize that Starbucks is infamous for going to countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua, buying up all their coffee for next-to-nothing and re-selling it at a hyped-up price. Life's not fair! Weh.

  12. Fuck me? No, sir. FUCK YOU.

    And bring it with your little pansy ass sorcerous ways. See you at the fucking war, boy.

  13. You better stay the fuck away from me. Forever. I will fucking destroy you.

  14. Honestly, you come off as the caricature of the protesters you are failing to portray. Loud, whiny and sounding just like my nieces and nephews when they where denied an extra sweet as infants...

    IF somewhat more articulate.

  15. I really wish there were +1 buttons next to the comments.

  16. @S.L. Æris,

    I understand you're upset, but you've misunderstood entirely. You don't have to be afraid that I would "bring it" with my pansy ass sorcerous ways either, just because you said "FUCK YOU!" to me. I honestly wish more people would.

    I admire your dedication to what you see as your cause, and I'd welcome a discussion about why I'm wrong about your protests being on par with drunk frat boys overturning cars and setting them on fire.

    As far as destroying me goes, I strongly urge you not to go there. I'm not your enemy.

    But if you do, I won't do anything but keep you out. I won't counter attack, I won't show you the meaning of the word destroy, and your loved ones won't get fucked over as a consequence of your poor decision making abilities. Anything that happens to you or your family won't be coming from me.

    The things that keep you out may not be very nice about it though, so do tread cautiously.

  17. How will the economy recover if we label each other as enemy and make war? We have entered the Badlands here; nerves are frayed and it is easy to cast about for enemies. While it is probably true that some businessmen and corporations have helped cause this crisis and are benefitting from it; not all of them have. Maybe not even the majority. While politicians of the Right and the Left are likely blameworthy, not all of them are so either. We can't exempt ourselves from some blame either; did we want things without fully paying for them, did we not pay attention when we should have or did we not educate ourselves in how the world actually works?

    It might better serve us to clear our minds and develop intelligent strategies to pull us out of this mess. We will also have to work together, even with our differences, to make headway.

  18. @RO,

    Your kingdom has to have good relations with your fellow kingdoms. If all the kingdoms around you fall into anarchy and poverty, yours isn't going to stand very long. The CEOs and Politicians of this world have taken care of their kingdoms, to the detriment of the kingdoms around them. It's only a matter of time until anarchy and poverty claim them, as well.

    Those who are not 'at the top' have to feel like through hard work, they can at least make a survivable living. There are many people in the US who don't feel like that's possible.

    I have no problem with being rewarded for your work. However, Wall Street and many CEOs are not being rewarded for their work. Their being rewarded for gaming the system via lobbyists, via stock market manipulation, via consequence free speculation that the taxpayers guarantee, via outright fraud. If your kingdom is being invaded by a larger and unscrupulous kingdom, there's not a lot you can do, unless you band together.

    Priorities in the United States are bass-ackwards. The fear of socialism has become a fear of cooperation and public institutions. The Commons must be protected, and ensured for everyone. If it's not, eventually those who have will have all, and those who have not will have nothing. At that point, there's no reason not to take from those who have, since no amount of work will get you anything. Mars takes over from Jupiter, and the cycle of destruction begins.

    These protests, bourgeois as they are, are shining a light on the fact that the system has been artificially rigged, and it's time to correct it before it goes too far. It's not time for the republic to fall just yet.

    Re: the other 85% of humanity, that's a good point. But the middle class that used to try to help them, is being priced out of the aid market. If you're busy trying to survive, it's hard to address far away inequities.

  19. @ConjurManAli & Monsignor Scott Rassbach - Agreed on all points. This is the first time, in many years, that I've paid such a close attention to my neighbors political escapades.

    I really think that they should've protested towards your politicians; half of the things the bank can dance around to are because of policies set by politicians.

    they, and when i say "they" - i meant with your tax money, did that bank bailout but you've seen no reciprocity from the banks afterwards.

    it's a twisted mess, kinda like my home country. :(

  20. With all due respect, Mr. Rassbach, I disagree entirely with your opening paragraph. Poverty and anarchy may ravage the kingdoms, but within poverty and anarchy are those members who are working to make it better for themselves and others, responsible, reasonable, practical, wise folks just getting shit done and making life better. That's me and my people at work.

    The corporations have not ruled their kingdoms well. Do you think when I say that I mean rape the peasants and burn your own grain fields? That's not good rulership.

    The rest of your comment I agree with or touch on in the next post, except that 85% thing. I think that's a bigger point than anyone wants to make right now because they're justifiably ashamed that they have so much more than everyone else and still are bitching about how unfair it is that they don't have more.

    That's a SERIOUS issue, in my opinion. Majorly fucked up core heart of humanity right there at work, exactly what forms the problem at the corporate oligarch level. Exactly the same issue. If these occupiers can't address that in themselves, they are only going to put evil greedy selfish people in place of the evil greedy selfish people that are there already.


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