Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Invisible College

I mentioned it the other day in passing. It's not an original idea. It's a rehash of the "Invisible Hand" that "really" controls world events. The fact is, we (you, me, and magicians in general) have a ton of spiritual resources that are designed to influence world events. While it is true that the Great Work is about rising through the spheres and getting to be more "like god," or more fully in His image than we were to begin with, it's also about returning to the state we were created in, back in the Garden of Eden.

Basically, my belief is that there was one "positive commandment" given in the garden. One "Thou Shalt." The other was a thou shalt not. The positive commandment is this:

Tend the Garden

In my interpretation, that means original Mankind was the steward of the world. With the adoption of the concepts of "Good and Evil", we lost the ability to do this in the way we are supposed to do it. Through the accomplishment of the Great Work, we regain our standing with the source that emanated us. We return to the original partnership with God. Our realm of responsibility is all of Nature. That includes mankind, the spirits that influence manifestation, and everything we see, hear, feel, sense, touch, taste, defecate upon, and stub our toes on in the middle of the night.

I envision a group of magi that are practicing the Work in their lives. Not only spiritually, but practically. It already exists. Going forward, I'm going to formally recognize it as "The Invisible College." I started writing this a few days ago, and originally I was thinking of starting like an email list, or something like that for the practicing magicians in my circles of friends. Sort of a magical network for advice, somewhere to turn for quick references, and such-like other stuff that was private, and wouldn't end up getting plastered across the internet.

Then I realized we already do that, in IM's and off-list emails. It would be pretty redundant. One more email group to wade through.

So fuck that.

However, here are some of the notes I'd made in my original post-idea. If you're not in the "Invisible college" and want to be, here's the general idea:

The goal of the Invisible College is to get practical magicians to take over their sphere of influence. Take responsibility for it. Learn its needs, its wants, its desires. See what it is in our communities that are distracting people from performing the Great Work. See what's going on with the local environment. See what's being taught in local schools. Get to know the business circuits that light up the local economy. Look at how it integrates with the rest of the world, and take care of it.

Now, to do this "right", without your insane nephesh taking over and demanding everything be done for its own personal and private best interests, it is imperative that you get in touch with your personal representative of God. The Logos. You need to hang out with the Logos, learn from it, because it is the mouthpiece of God. You get your own little slice of Logos, the piece that is directly and perfectly suited to you in your current incarnation. We call it the HGA or Genius or Agatha Daimon. Get the equivalent of K&CHGA, and you have all you need to take over the world. Your world. Your part of the universe.

And the boundaries of your sphere of influence are determined only by the boundaries of your sphere of influence. That means you have full authority over all you perceive. (But you still operate within the limits of being an incarnated human being. No fireballs; at least, I haven't figured it out yet.)

Start with what you know. Your family, your friends, your job. Once you've got the hang of it, move outward in concentric spheres. Local politics, local charities, local fraternities. Get to know who is in each, what their influence on your domain is. Conjure the egregores and find out what they're up to, and whether the membership is doing what they're supposed to do to get the eggregore's plans fulfilled. Make sure the egregores' plans are in harmony with your HGA's plans for the world. If not, bind them, change them, or destroy them. It's your job to get rid of termites eating the pillars of the temple.


  1. This is a good one. May I suggest that people send some beneficial influences to help the people and organisations working with permaculture? There are not many tools out there that could change the physical and emotional state of the world as efficiently as dedicated permaculturalists.


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