Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Administrative stuff

See that Email the Author link below? If you've ever used it, please note that it hasn't worked the whole time it's been there until now. So if you sent me any emails, I wasn't ignoring you, or too busy. I never got them. Thanks to Fr. POS, I found this out and addressed the issue. Feel free to contact me about any posts, comments, or whatever. I made a couple of friends I IM with now through that very process.

Oh and another thing, if you leave a comment on my posts, chances are I'll answer them in the comments below. There's an option for you to subscribe to follow-up posts, so if you want to see my response, check that box. Otherwise you'll forget for months and when you get back to it, you'll want to carry on the conversation and I'll have no idea what you're talking about.

I think that's everything for now.

Happy camping.

Oh, P.S. I've been getting a lot of "I admire your work" emails. Please do not feed the ego. It's large and takes manly steps while walking already. The fact is most of my stuff is fun and utilitarian, but there are artists out there that deserve more credit.

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