Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bune Radio

Ok, so Fr. POS wrote about playing rock music for his Goetic compatriots as a reward. [Edit: It wasn't his idea, I don't think, it was HIS GAL's idea; she gets a lot of groovy ideas. It was a conversation wtih her that resulted in the Box I made.]

Since I'm on a bit of a Mad Scientist binge lately, and because I had a clock radio that no longer clocked but still radioed, I took his idea and made a Bune Radio.

I took apart the clock and removed all the components related to the clock part that didn't work anymore. (I found residue of spilled something in the terminals and a lot of corrosion, and instead of cleaning it, I fried the clock trying to figure out how the LEDs worked; lesson learned: don't use a 9V battery to test lights that run on 4VAC. Sigh.)

Left with just the radio, I wired a copper Bune seal in line with the wires going to the speakers. I tuned it to a rock station, and played it for a while. Then I explained that when he gets me a specific dollar amount, I'd play it as a reward for a specific period of time.

I'm also thinking I could use it as an audio-scrying device. I can tune it between stations and get some good white noise going on, and observe what I "hear" coming through.