Thursday, October 09, 2008

A quick plug

Mike Rock, familiar to many of my cohorts, but maybe not to all my readers, has started blogging. Again. Hopefully this time he will be more consistent, as he's one of those pacticing magicians I consider to be in the Invisible College.

His blog be here:

Among the feathers in his cap is his ongoing translations of the Picatrix from French manuscripts. When I made the 4th Pentacle of upiter, I used the colors of the planets and signs from the Picatrix, and it was his site that provided the info, if I remember correctly.

He's also been known to put the Hymns of Orpheus to modern music. Musician magicians fascinate me. I know and understand the "harmony of the spheres," but I've never heard it. I tried playing guitar for a while, and had to take a break (I gave my freaking guitar to the freaking Church in a fit of donative ecstasy; regret!).

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