Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Desperately Important

Mike Rock's recent blog post is a must-see.



  1. Yup, nothing like reviving unthinking propaganda from decades ago in order to try to paint anyone remotely left of far right as a communist.

  2. Unthinking? Hardly. Unthinking is ignoring the most obvious of facts to embrace an ideologue who has NEVER demonstrated by action any reason to put him into office.

    Unthinking is accepting the "other" candidate with years of experience who in this election has turned 180 degrees to support things he was adamantly opposed to before he won the primary by default.

    That movie expressed simply what it is about America, or was, that made it a wonderful place to live in. I agree with its basic message, that Communism, Socialism, and the domination of the State by any ideologue is dangerous to one and all.

  3. Hey, Josh,
    Y'know, it's time to review that whole outlook that someone you disagree with is treasonous, dangerous, or otherwise unfit to hold offices to which they, too, were elected. That other candidate you speak of has, indeed, turned from the positions that he expressed before now. In fact, people supported him because of the positions he has since abandoned. What are those people supposed to do?
    As for the first one you mention, one thing that sets him apart is his temperament. If we ever needed someone who is nearly unflappable, who exhibits restraint and circumspection, don't you think that now would be such a time? We know what the current policies will bring about. We're living among the results of those policies. Doesn't it seem that new policies are in order?
    Oh, and by the way, you once did mention another person to me. Take a real look at the policies that one espouses. They really are no more than the philosophy that underlies the policies that bought us today's climate.

  4. That wasn't the point of the movie that I liked. I think it's imperative to remember that it was free enterprise and entrepreneurial-ship that made America the envy of the planet. The point I took away from the movie was the reminder that all -Isms suck. That applies to pure capital-ism too.

    Regarding candidates, I think they're all nuts.


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