Friday, October 10, 2008

An Astral Ritual

So last Tuesday I was dealing with some annoying crap in my life. Finances were sucking. My job, my beautiful job, was in trouble. The gov't contract has to be reviewed and funds reallocated at the end of each fiscal year. (That's Sept. 30 for you civilians that don't know.) My company subcontracted renegotiations out to the locals, and they totally dropped the ball. I should have known this would happen, but you know, I was distracted by other things.

I got a call saying I would lose half my hours and all my benefits. Oh boy, was I thrilled.

Since I had failed to proactively magick up a good contract ahead of time, as I should have, I ended up having to do damage control magic instead. Reactionary rather than Proactionary magic is not the preferred modus operendi, but it would have to do.

Tuesday, what a wonderful day for doing wealth magic, eh? I checked my Current Astrological Weather, and found that Mercury was Cazimi (within 17 minutes of the Sun). Cazimi is supposed to be like plugging the planet into a tesla coil or something. According to some, and I believe it. I figured the Cazimi effect would overpower the retrograde sufficiently to get some clear communications with the spirit world, plus I needed help in business.

The Moon was also right on Jupiter's ass, in the Second House. I mean, they were overlapping one another. I found this gem on an astrology site about the Second House: "Specific possessions covered by the Second House include earned income and our ability to influence it."

The Moon is waxing, and I had been reading in Agrippa that day about how the Moon has power over all growth and decrease (Book 2, chapter something or other). Since Jupiter is health and prosperity, and I needed both of these things for various other reasons, I thought, hey, that's great!

The other issue was Saturn hanging out in Virgo. As you may know, this can bring strife and discomfort into the hearth and home. My spouse was ill and dealing with a great deal of pain since Saturn wandered into Virgo. She's a Capricorn, so I suspect that wherever Saturn wanders, she gets hit especially hard in that aspect of her life. This job issue was affecting our house and home and family, and knowing what I know about Saturn, I figured out that I would need to include this planet in the rite to get the boundaries moved.

Since I was going to be trying to move the boundaries, I knew I'd need to go through the Sun to get to the proper part of Saturn's sphere. The Solar Gate to Saturn provides the best landing pads, in my opinion. The Mars Gate sucks.

So if you've been keeping track, by this time I had figured out I needed to work with the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon. And it was a Tuesday. I looked at what I was thinking about, and laughed. Five of the Seven Governors working together to get me out of a mess on a day that none of them ruled. So what the hell, says I, I'll throw Mars in too. I should probably have included Venus anyway, but it didn't seem to make sense at the time. Looking back, it could have helped with the Hearth/Home issues too.

So I had analyzed my situation and identified what some of the contributing factors were. I looked to the stars and found what was looking good and what wasn't. I identified the key players, and figured out how each could be used magically to turn around my situation.

So, in the hour of the Moon (because I was primarily trying to expand Jupiter's influence to overcome the slow-but-steady aspect of financial growth that controls him while he's in Capricorn), I conjured the following Archangels of the Planets:
  • Gabriel - Moon, to increase Jupiter's influence
  • Tzadqiel - To increase Jupiter's influence, bringing health and prosperity to the situation
  • Michael - To work with Tzaphqiel in a nice smooth manner to loosen bonds and move the boundaries that were constricting hearth and home, and to turn the boundaries from being walls of confinement into walls of protection
  • Tzaphqiel - To actually move the boundaries that were keeping our family poor and ill outwards, providing more space for the Jupiter-Moon effect to fill up the new gap, and to strengthen our defenses of our house and home
  • Raphael - To specifically aid in inter-communications between the other planetary governors, and to provide a focus on business to the rite
  • Kammael - Because it was Tuesday, at first, but as I was conjuring him I realized that he could add a certain "violence" to the rite, making its effects happen more quickly, and to turn it into a military campaign of sorts, like the Delta Force of Archangelic Powers
I didn't have time to set up a full ritual with all the incenses and lamens and seals and what have you. Astrologically, the clock was ticking, and I had about six minutes left in the Hour of the Moon, if I remember right. So I decided to go the Astral Temple route.

I sat here in me leather chair before the computer monitor, closed me eyes and breathed. Focusing on the breath stills my mind, like the Qabalistic Cross used to back in the day when I practiced the GD-style magic. As my mind cleared, I began intoning the name of my HGA. At the same time, I visualized my Astral Temple around me. I basically placed myself at the center of the Altar setup I have, with the Four Angelic Kings surrounded by the Seven Planetary Seals. I felt my HGA's presence in the room with me, and the golden light descended into my astral temple, bringing the seven planetary seals representing their spheres around me into sharp relief.

As each of the Planetary Seals began to pulse with light and life, indicating to me that the Intelligences represented by each were at least listening, I began conjuring the Archangels. Each seemed to materialize around the seals that represented them, sort of. When I got to Raphael, the other Archangels seemed to clear up, and it was like putting on your glasses in the morning, or when the weather changes and a haze you didn't realize was there just goes away.

When I had all the Archangels present, I outlined why I had conjured them. I explained what had happened at work, and how it was affecting me. I then went through each of the Archangels mentioned above, and went over what it was I wanted them to do. I felt this warmth and this tingling in my body, which I had mostly forgotten about by then, and had to focus again on the temple. Can't get distracted when the magic starts working.

The Archangels all understood what it was I was trying to accomplish. Each agreed that they would do their part to make what I wanted manifest. It was a lot like a corporate meeting. they "talked" amongst themselves, and I sort of sensed what they were doing as different parts of my "Sphere" would resonate to each angel's influence as they wove together the fabric of reality to accomplish what it was I was looking for.

I thanked them, and my HGA, and God in Jesus name, and returned my awareness to my body. I felt completely different. Before beginning the rite, I was stressed, and felt a lot like a cornered, caged animal. The stress was like a heavy, humid heat wave on my soul. After the rite, it was jsut gone. Instead, I felt alive, healthy, and optimistic. That's a big thing for me, because when I get going down the depression road that stess usually puts me on, optimism is the furthest thing from my mind.

That day I got a call from the Vice President of the company I work for, and he went over everything that was going on with the contract in detail with me. He explained how things had happened, and what they were doing about it. He assured me that he would reissue a new contract that would work things out in my favor.

My thoughts: "Yeah fucking right. You'll say anything to keep me on your payroll, I'm making you money. No way I'm staying with a place that cut my paycheck in half and cut my benefits. Get fuct."

The next day, I got the contract. I got a raise, I got my benefits, and I was able to work out a 32-hour work schedule with the local sub-contractor that's managing the project. I'm still losing money, but not half, and not the benefits. With a five-person family, you've got to hae benefits. That day, I also got multiple other job leads that would double my income for a couple of months, which was as long as the company expected me to be on reduced hours. I will be able to hold both jobs simultaneously by a stroke of luck.

Now, ideally, I would have been performing divinations regularly enough to know what was coming. I would have seen this heading my way and done some proactive magic to eradicate the stress. I blame no one but myself. I've got to get a grasp on my life, and do all the things I mentioned in the Invisible College post so that I'm no longer left in a position of climbing back up the side of a cliff after I've run off like the Coyote chasing the Road Runner.

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  1. Hmmm... the way you worked that sounds vaguely familiar, sort of...
    You might even try a sigil one time, when you have time to work on it...

    Big difference looks like you figured out what everyone had to do. Next time, I'm working that way, myself. Having some say in the process is a nice thing.


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