Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coping with Difficult Times

Times can tough. Mercury is retrograde, and will be until tomorrow. He's still going to be "slow" until November 1st. I've found that Mercury Retrograde seems to affect my communications negatively, specifically at the very beginning and very ending of the retrograde motion.

To mitigate the effects of Mercury Retrograde, as with any other astrological influence, you as a magician can appeal to the Intelligence or Archangel of the Sphere. You can also make a talisman for the planet when it is favorably situated in the heavens, and then tap into that power when the planet goes retro, or is combust, or whatever.

Last week, when I needed to communicate clearly with multiple Intelligences of multiple spheres, I took advantage of the placement of Mercury in the heart of the Sun. The boost of the solar forces overcame any negatives caused by Mercury's retrograde motion, and as a result, the communications were clear and crisp. I was fortunate in the timing there, it wasn't planned out or anything.

Another way to mitigate negative influences is through communion with the Intelligence of the Sphere. I use the Archangels of the Spheres as assigned by Trithemius in the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals. Today is Wednesday, Mercury Day, and in the hour of Mercury I will be using a talisman I made last year when he was dignified. I'll be conjuring Raphael here in a couple minutes, mostly to get the effects of Mercury's transition from Retro to Direct smoothed out. I'll also ask what might be going on in my own sphere of influence under the influence of Mercury that needs to be checked into. Sort of a Status Report from the VP in charge of Mercury.

I'd use the Box I made, but I don't have a metal Mercury Talisman. I need to make one. It should be made out of Pewter, since pewter is a mercurial blend of metals. It's also soft and easy to work with, and has a low melting point. Brass, bronze, or other mixed metals take on the properties of Mercury as well, according to Aaron Leitch. I trust him, he's a veritable gold mine of information.

If they're interesting, I'll post the results later.


  1. I imagine you could appeal the Olympick Spirits in terms of the same offices of the planetary spheres? I was looking at Arbatel like you recommended, very interesting.

  2. The Olympick spirits aren't the same as the Archangels. If you check the Arbatel, they're the "Governors," which correspond to the seven Urges mentioned in the Corpus Hermeticum's Pymander. They're the material reflections of the Celestial Governors, from what I can tell.


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