Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Geomancy

You may remember the Geomantic Tumblers I recently purchased from Witchdoctor Joe (lord don't let the check bounce [Edit: too late. Sending cash.]). I've been using them as single-roll indicators. Ask a question, roll, check the meaning, and go with that as an answer. It has worked well enough (100% accuracy on things I can prove), but it's not that different from flipping a coin.

The other day, talking to Fr. S.L., a brilliant man, prone to long monologues on political topics, but otherwise a decent fellow (for a liberal), the subject of the geomantic tumblers came up. He said I needed to make four rolls, get the Mothers, then get from them the neices and nephews and uncles and step-cousines twice removed... I didn't know what he was talking about, if you can't tell.

It seems there's an actual divination method associated with Geomancy that I had no idea about! Checking Joe's instructions, I found that I was supposed to be looking for more details on geomancy from certain sources. Ignoring my arcane Googlemancy techniques, I decided to simply go to the web sites Joe suggested.

From one of them, I think it was Greer's site, I found a link that generates all the family members you need to do a reading (like Agrippa details in his On Geomancy book) based on the values of the four mothers you put into the program. You throw the tumblers four times while thinking of the question, recording the results of each throw. Put the values of each row into the sixteen blanks, and click "Generate Points" and wha bam! Instant results, witnesses and Judge included!

So, having learned this technique for getting more detailed readings, I have already employed it to my advantage. Asking questions about various topics covered lately, I found the Arbatel spirits are Celestial and Terrestrial combined, a bit of both; I found that today's job searches can generate new work in the price range I'm looking for, but it depends on meeting with the right people. (I did some Mercury Work with the Box to ensure I met the right people.)

Anyway, it's a nifty addition to this magician's tool kit, and I can't thank Joe enough. Buy lots from him.

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