Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mess with the bull...

I swear to god, I'm sick of the ones that are convinced that they are ready, able, and willing to do the Work, but on their terms.

IF you are redefining a system of Conjuration revealed to magicians in the 15th century, AND IF you have NEVER conjured any of the spirits from said system using the system as defined, not even to the best of your abilities:

Your Work is a Work of PRIDE. You're off your rocker. Get a clue.

IF you are redefining a system of Initation and Attainment developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, yet have NEVER been initiated into either the line you're "reforming" or its offshoot that rhymes with BoTeeOh, THEN you too are full of shit.

If in order for you to begin to explain the merits of your system, you must first make up lies about initiations into ceremonies that you have not participated in, your system is worthless.

But not only that, you fucking idiot, you've put yourself in the running with people who actually know what they're doing. You think Crowley's sitting in the City of Pyramids next to Christ and Buddha, and now all of a sudden he's beyond sending the Spirit of the Planet Mercury to confound and conflagrat you? Bullshit! He's got a better line with him.

If any of this shit above describes you, you're nothing but a bald monkey jumping in the middle of a stampede. And I'd like to take a moment to remind bald monkeys what the fuck happens when you fucking jump in the middle of a fucking stampede. See below. And if you're interrupting magicians that have a couple tons of momentum behind them barreling their way towards a goal you can't imagine, expect at LEAST what this guy got as you're tossed to the side.


  1. Would you mind putting this in context?

  2. Sure, there's this guy who's convinced that the OTO's 11the degree initiation requires sodomization of the aspirant, even though he's never been OTO. So he's got this whole alternate Enochian series or rituals based on what he thinks it should be instead, because to him, sodomy is evil.

    And then there are a few people around that are rewriting Enochiana, and interpreting it as if it's Armageddon and such based on their armchair understanding of the diaries of Dee.

  3. Oh, I know how you feel. People are just stupid.

    Today I was answering an horary question in an internet forum. I said that didn´t think that questioning if someone has AIDS is an ethical questioning. At least I believe that ethics is something to aspire.

    then this stupid woman said that I was being "homophobic". Why ? I am not really sure. Apparently she thinks that AIDS is a gay thing, so I am homophobic. :-)

    "convinced that the OTO's 11the degree initiation requires sodomization of the aspirant"

    Ah, I think that now I understood the Bull ! Ouch !

  4. Aah the infamous 11th degree work. Crowley does speak of it. Though with all things Crowley, you might want to ask if he MIGHT be speaking metaphorically??? Otherwise you end up with the same folks who are convinced that solo sex magick is killing babies. Just a thought. Hey what do I know :)

    It is also spoken of as a "strictly ceremonial degree". Since there are only going to be a few of the X degree in my lifetime, I am not too worried about it.

    The larger concern is always, what is that magickians hang up. Those things that are in our way have a funny knack for presenting themselves over and over in our lives.

    Then again one mans evil is another mans great Saturday night :)

  5. "And then there are a few people around that are rewriting Enochiana, and interpreting it as if it's Armageddon and such based on their armchair understanding of the diaries of Dee."

    Hrm... sounds a bit like a misunderstood version of me in that one.

    1 - what Enochiana I'm rewriting is based on what is in Dee's works and the sources he had available to him, then conservatively refined a bit through modern practices that have a proven record. However, I clearly mark it out as Unverified Personal Gnosis that's experimental at best.

    2 - Apocalypsis - revealing divine/hidden knowledge - is what's at the core of Enochiana. Armageddon is wishful thinking that belongs in corn fields along with teenage drinking, The Who played way too loudly and the solid residuum of male cattle (see picture above). It's the hazards of Christian fundamentalist magicians, y'know...

    3 - While I do spend a great deal of my time in research, it's also backed by practice. Lots more practice than I'd care to admit publicly.

    As to the whole OTO thing: eh, I feel much better now with my brethren (and sisters, mind) than I ever did before. In fact, I'm liking the experimental quality of the CI/HML/EGNU "tribe" better than the consistently foolish fundamentalism of the cOTO, sOTO and even the tOTO. It's not like any of them have valid "big" secrets any longer - the power remaining in the system tends to be in context and symbolism. But that's just my opinion...

  6. Ah. That clears things up.

    I've never understood the idea of changing a system to suit your personal needs. If you don't like it, find another one or even invent your own from scratch (if you really want to test your metal, right?). Anything else just feels cheap. It'd be like a Thelemite rewriting the Lord's Prayer to suit their needs (or vice versa). Again, superimposing your ideas over an established system is cheap.

    As for Enochian...

    Didn't Tyson start pushing this idea that Enochian is a system to initiate the Apocalypse? I have always figured there were clumps of teenagers here or there who just can't wait to try and make that happen.

  7. EKB, not you, I promise. I was thinking of Tyson and others that follow in his footsteps. Speaking generally not specifically of any magician on that one.

  8. There are people that have been initiated into 11th degree. You do not need to be initiated into xth or even 9th first.

    The degree involves sodomy magick, the actual initiation does not. This is all well documented. I know someone that recieved the degree from Grady.

  9. Ah yes, the magical smorgasbord. I think I think we all know the type of gourmand you are describing.

    For now, I'm sticking with Agrippa.

  10. Like the Kamael talisman. It's like one you did in the past? Or am I thinking of someone else again? I think the one I am thinking of had Celestial script for the writing instead. Was that yours?

    Love Kathy

  11. Kathy: That's an image I made in PowerPoint. I found a Hebrew Font and used that. the one you're talking about was a hand-painted job from last year or the year before when Mars was in Scorpio. I keep that one hidden away for special circumstances. The color scheme's the same though, good eye.


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