Friday, October 24, 2008

Lessons on Losing

After losing to Fr. POS in a friendly game of chess last night, I tried basking in the warm glow of Tiphareth to soothe my wounded ego. Actually, I was intending to do some Solar Work anyway. Before talking to him, I had felt downright suicidal for no apparent reason. It was totally against how I normally feel, so I figured some Solar Work would clean me out and do me some good.

After losing to the good Frater, I only had a couple of minutes left in the hour of the Sun, so I decided instead of a luxurious soak in the Rays of Father Sun, I'd conjure up Och instead, from the Arbatel. I engraved his seal on the inside of my wedding band a week or so ago, with the intent of never having my "purse" be without the jingle of gold. I had meant my bank accounts, but all I got was a wallet that hasn't quite finished being depleted of funds in spite of hungry kids who outgrow their clothes at the worst possible times, and many bills.

Concern with those many bills had me conjuring the spirit Och, and when he showed up, he gave me all kinds of side-stepping issues, saying he couldn't give me gold in a moment because there were "other things" going on that were interfering. I said, "Yes, there are other things going on, and that's why I conjured you to get me the gold. You can do it. It's in your office. Now, go do it." Then I felt the spirit leave, and a sense of peace fell over me. I looked at the planetary hour, and it had shifted to Venus, the ruler of my Sun Sign.

I'd like to say a pile of gold appeared at my feet today. It didn't. I got a couple of job opportunities today, but none within my area of experience or geographic location.I got notice that a job I'm waiting to be approved should be given a green light in early November, pushed back from late October.

Personally, I think Och is giving me the run-around. I don't appreciate it much at all. I plan on having words with him about it later. Then again, I haven't actually conjured him using the techniques of the Arbatel, specifically. Probably should, I suppose. I have used my Box and have had communications with him, though, placing my ring across the electrodes. I'm just not convinced he's doing anything. Hmmmm... Just rolled the Geomantic Tumblers, and they say "Carcer: Restriction, limitation, and binding."

I'll think on that; confirmation of the spirit's message is something I can't readily ignore.

In the mean time, a closing quote:
But you
Why you wanna give me a run-around
Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up
When all it does is slow me down
Tra la la la la bomba dear this
is the pilot speaking
And I've got some news for you
It seems my ship still stands
no matter what you drop
And there ain't a whole lot that you can do
Oh sure the banner may be torn and
the wind's gotten colder
Perhaps I've grown a little cynical
But I know no matter what the waitress brings
I shall drink in and always be full
My cup shall always be full

-Run Around, by Blues Traveler


  1. I'd not treat Och like a the spirits of the Goetia. Different offices require different approaches.

  2. Like Frater BH said -- the Arbatel spirits are much more intelligent than the goetic ones, and when they say "other stuff is interfering," they'll usually go on to explain what they're talking about. They're also much more autonomous. I wouldn't be surprised if Och didn't just ignore your command. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't Och at all, and you are getting the run around. Did he actually say his name?

  3. Well, I spent at least part of the morning reviewing the Arbatel. I'm still fuzzy, so I'm not going to do any conclusion-jumping. I intend to conjure him tomorrow at daybreak to continue the conversation. Find out what's holding things back. The geomantic tumblers indicated there was something I could do to change the circumstances, but I haven't followed up on what that might be.

  4. Hrm.. seems to me like to be able to teach arts and philosophy and all kinds of languages etc. that the forces in the Lemegeton must be pretty intelligent...


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