Friday, October 24, 2008

A chance to make a difference in MA

Hey folks, I got an email request for a signature on a petition. The state of MA is moving retarded people (I'm sure there's a better term for it, but I'm tired) to a terrible institution without the consent of their caregivers. For more details and to consider signing this petition, please visit:

This is one aspect of the role of the Invisible College. However, to make it an official Invisible College kind of thing, you should also petition the Higher Authorities that control or influence the way things manifest. Call upon whatever aspects of God you Work with to get them to change their minds and give the people who love these institutionalized folks control over where these people will be sent and cared for.

Taking care of the innocent or those who can't take care of themselves is part of the Great work, imo. What's going on in MA just ain't right.


  1. Done. Local small group homes are wonderful for some. Clearly no one solution will work for all situations, though.

    (diff subject-I like the word verification I have to type, just think that it may be more appropriate for FR. BH)

  2. The word verification would be better for me? Why? What am I missing?

  3. The "word" that I had to type in was "lionite." It just made me think of you.


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