Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Sun Comes Up, It's Tiw's Day Mourning

If your'e not a Cowboy Junkies fan, the blog title might not be as entertaining as it was for me.

This morning was picture day at school. Lots of hubbub, not a lot of time for Work around daybreak. I don't know why, but I'm attracted to Martial work in general lately. I've been barely resisting the urge to curse people on principle. There's a ... I don't know, a violence about things in my life, not like a destructive violence, but a strong urge to wage war for the things I think are right. Politics, work, my Great Work, I just want to DO stuff, there's a pressing urgency to DO stuff.

Like the Box, and the Bune Radio. I want to create, empower, direct, and dominate my world. Not yours, mine.

The song I stole the title for today's post is about a woman going through that emotional stage of missing her ex-lover, but at the same time, enjoying the new-found freedom she had forgotten about. I was mostly looking for a song that had Tuesday in the title. (Tuesday comes from Tiw's Day, the Norse God of War, which of course was Martial in nature. You prolly knew that.) There's also a connection to Fall, leaves falling, the season changing, and although I'm going to miss Summer, I'm finding things about this season that I'd forgotten about, and that I like.

Like Tiw's Day. It's Tiw's Day, Mars Day, and I'm ready for some action. Mars plays an important role with Saturn in the Goetia, and I had a strange apocalyptic dream the other night that I'm beginning to suspect was a Goetic spirit trying to get my attention. The build-up of whatever's trying to get my attention is getting so thick I can feel it in the air around me. It's almost like a frustration, but it's like a palm's width outside of my body.

So tonight, the Sun's coming up and it's going to be a Tiw's Day Mourning. For something, or someone. Might be some part of my self that has to die, or be subjugated to my "True Will;" it might be something else. I'm definitely going to be Working some Goetic spirits, regardless. Maybe Tap into some forces and see what's been going on and what's to come.


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