Thursday, October 16, 2008

Strange Days

Nothing interesting popped up in the Mercury work yesterday. I didn't get around to it. :sigh: Excrement occurs.

We're living in strange days, friends and compatriots. I went off on Dude that wanted to do the apocalypse rite, and I think he's plannig on doing it this Saturday from the posts he's made since then. Or he's going to off himself. He's been vague enough to let it be interpreted either way.

To him, I say: Don't kill yourself, you've got a lot of potential, and you'll be wasting it by offing yourself. Prove you're an Adept by facing life on its own terms from a position of authority, not as a victim. Don't be a bitch.

Now, assuming he's going to go through with the Enochian-Goetic working to bring about Revelations' series of events... Time to come clean. Years ago, I wrote my own Enochian Apocalypse ritual. I didn't know shit about Enochian or Apocalypse at the time. It looked pretty bad ass though. I tried to get other people to do it, just in case it worked, but no one was interested. Years later, I know what would have happened if I'd gone through with it: I would have gone through my own apocalypse. The rest of the world would be fine.

I know I'm not the only magician to go through that phase. It seems to hit when you're around 25-27, coinciding with the Saturn Return, when Saturn returns to the same place in the heavens that it was when you were born. Your old boundaries of life are shaken away, and you set the stage for the next 25 years or so of your life. It can be emotionally violent. It's a death and rebirth of sorts, but in a spiritual way.

You realize that mommy and daddy, or whoever raised you, aren't going to be there for you forever, and you have to face the fact that your life, for the rest of your life, is what you make of it. All you can control is your own actions, and how you react to others. Faced with this awareness of our own relative powerlessness, some folks decide to end the world as we know it. Kinda selfish, in my opinion, but I was there.

It doesn't work. Most folks who do this have nothing happen. Some folks go insane, I've been told. I don't know anyone personally that went over the edge, but people I trust assure me that they know folks who ended up in the looney bin after this kind of thing. I'm sure a bit of googlemancy could turn up a couple hundred examples of people who are convinced they've ended the world, started the apocalypse, or done some kind of insane crap. One guy on OccultForums was convinced he was literally killing the archangels of the spheres of the Sephiroth, and literally destroying the "real" Tree of Life.

Anyway, what's likely going to happen to Dude is he's going to instigate more fallout from his Saturn Return, and will end up going through his own personal apocalypse. Which might be good for him, I don't know. I know the introduction to the HGA can be a lot like that, so maybe his HGA is getting him ready for the next level.

Regardless, if he kills himself, I WILL bind his spirit into a little pot (shown right; your spirit's home for at least the rest of my life, and I'll likely pass you on to some other magician when I die too) and roast it slowly over coals for not listening to me. And then I'll use him as a spirit bitch and force him to do really nasty stuff, like clean out Cthulhu's fat rolls.

(Note, I got that badass picture up there from this web site:


  1. you arent *actually* changing your profile image manually every day to match the day of the week?

  2. And what's worse is you noticed! :-D

  3. You kids say that like it's a bad thing...

    Isn't that part of what we're supposed to do - see the infinite in grains of sand, and all that rot?

    Back on topic: I read Dude's posts as a cry for attention. It sounds more like he's having a dark night if not The Dark Night and it's leaving him a bit over-frustrated.

    I don't know about you cats, but that was where I was the day before i actually had something that could be confused with Real K&C (as opposed to a Chat with my Ego). I'd say it's an encouraging and dangerous place for him.

    It's not called Chapel Perilous for nothing...

  4. Bah. He's enjoying the attention now, the weasel. I got an email offlist from some other guy who was worried about him. Mostly, he was worried that the list could be held liable for ignoring it. So I did my due diligence.

    But he clarified he just meant he was heading in a new magic(k)al direction. A tempest in a teapot. Much ado about nothing.


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