Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ohhhhh, the Drrraaaammmmaaaa

Oh, for Christ's sake.

Remember dude I mentioned that wanted to be a Moonchild? I got that all wrong. He corrected me. Seems they weren't trying to be Moonchildren at all. Oh no, nothing so puerile, he assured me. No, these two geniuses were trying to start the Apocalypse!!! The end of the WORLD!!! For Serious.

Because, you know, they were bored.

Wait for it...

Wait for it....

Give me a fucking break! "I'm bored, let's end the world." Where's my clue by four? Of all the spoiled, self-centered, obnoxious, stupid, conceited, childish... no, not even childish, just damned bratty things I've ever seen... This takes the fucking cake. Hell, it takes the whole party.

We were talking on a list about how omnipotence would lead to boredom. I mentioned that when I get bored, I meditate on the axiom "Only boring people get bored." I also mentioned that any being that didn't have the power to have entertain themselves wasn't omnipotent.

This is a beautiful world, full of beautiful things and beautiful people, and it's a great awesome expanse of things to do. The world is your oyster. There's nothing you can imagine that you can't accomplish.

Want to throw fireballs? Kathy, physics major, wastewater engineer, and author of the "My Gal" blog has the trick. It involves explosives, spark plugs, and pumpkins. Cheating? Yeah, that's what I said, but frickin' fun.

Want to own your own island? Get a job, save money, get your credit fixed, buy cheap properties in the slummy parts of town, rent them out, use the rental as income to qualify for more loans, get more properties, sit on them for a while, and then sell them when you've got them all paid half off or so. Move to Florida. There are Keys that no one lives on. Build a house. Include a Hurricane Shelter. Don't forget a boat for supplies.

Want to be Donald Trump? Do what he did. Want to be a famous occult author like Jason Miller, Lon DuQuette, Sam Webster, or MacGregor Mathers? Do it. It's your life. You get what you work for. You start where you're at, you plan a path to what you want, and you do it. Fuck. It ain't rocket science.

"I'm Bored." Fuck you. Get some fucking balls. Grow the fuck up. The world ain't going to sit around and come up with things to entertain you, you self-centered piece of shit. Get off your ass and do something. Get a fucking job already. And brush your god damned teeth. Your breath fucking stinks.


  1. "I also mentioned that any being that didn't have the power to have entertain themselves wasn't omnipotent."

    You just solved the mystery of why we're here and why things are so bizarre... we're entertainment ;-)

    On a serious note, good post. A lot of people in the 'occult' arts seem to miss that to accomplish anything takes work and perseverance. If I had a dollar for ever 'great and powerful magician' I've come across who can't hold a job I'd be Donald Trump by now lol. Everybody seems to miss the fact that accomplishing anything, whether by magic or not, takes WORK.

  2. So, I found this group in Chicago which shall go nameless. So I figured, "hey, I'll meet them." Chaos mages and all, you know. So I go to Chicago with a friend, meet them up in a coffee shop. The first item on their agenda? "Tearing the veil between the worlds." Ahem. As if that's a *thing*. I turned to my friend, said "mereka tak punya ilmu," and we spent the rest of the day being fairly polite, drinking coffee, and sniping at them in Indonesian. Later, I got an email from the leader telling me I was a judgmental asshole and so forth, and asking me, "what have you ever done for the occult? At least we're doing something." He has a good point. Something stupid, impossible, and indicative of their lack of understanding how the worlds are really "separated." But yeah, something.

  3. Owning an island is super easy, just join Second Life!

    But seriously join Second Life, I need more of my friends in there and its a great place to interact and create 'astral' visualizations of goals etc.

  4. Oh and what's especially ironic.. at least from my perspective as a conservationist and ecologically minded steward of creation and Rewilder, is that dude is a little late.. the "apocalypse" is happening right now... and started like 5000 years ago... but definitely picking up steam in the last 500 years.

    On a more philosophical note, every moment is an ending and beginning, so a goal like the one expressed is rendered even MORE beside the point.

  5. I think I am on that list. This post seems more angry than the actual discussion. I read it as friendly jostling. Who set your hair on fire?

  6. Yeah, this post has nothing to do with the list conversation at all. This is a reference to the older post, The Power Within. I mentioned Dude and his Enochian-Goetia ritual, thinking he had wanted to become a Moon Child to get the Power Within.

  7. "Want to be Donald Trump? Do what he did." Dude, Donald Trump inherited his money from his father (a developer of residential properties) Where do I sign up?

    Clearly, I'm not on the list that you are referring to (probably a good idea). But I'm really glad to hear you speaking of the wonders of this life, land, and plane.

  8. You've got some good points, R.O. Boredom is boring, but ending the world is not the solution. The oblivion that would follow would be far less entertaining that this action packed globe we humans assert belongs to us.
    Magicians should be 'action heroes' - trying to save the world, not plunge it into Armageddon.
    Assiah = The World of Action, right?
    But then there is Tyson's recipe in his 'Tetragrammaton'. Unleash the Satan to bring about Paradise. That was about when I put the book down. If you ask me, Paradise would be boring after a while. Some 'Moonchild' (if there is a Moon), perhaps inspired by a misreading of Jakob Boehme, might formulate an intrigue to get people to eat a forbidden...something, and start the process all over again.
    It's trite, I know, and begs the question of whether we live in a oscillating universe or one doomed to infinite expansion.


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