Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Power Within

Once upon a time, deep within the sea, The Flying Dutchman, ghost extraordinaire, believed he had lost his ability to scare people. He grew extremely clinically depressed, and was finally brought around by a friendly sea-sponge, who showed him this inspirational video:

That's the inspiration for this post. For those of you "too enlightened" for Spongebob, I pity you. But bear in mind, I have kids, and we spend a lot of time talking about things with Spongebob on in the background. And I personally love the show, except when his voice is done by that annoying fellow.

The Power Within. In the video, there's not much more than that phrase repeated. Oddly enough, I've seen inspirational videos that are just like that. It doesn't really say anything, but somehow manages to inspire you. Like Poke Runyon's conjuration of Vassago that's on YouTube somewhere. I'd never do that kind of hodge-podge ritual, but seeing him do it made me want to do other things.

So, following up on the Invisible College post, this is about finding your own Power Within. You can't very well be the master of your sphere of influence without having some form of Power source.

The trick to finding it is not about growing it, or implanting it. I have an acquaintence who reads the blog steadily. He'll know I'm talking about him. He and a friend designed a ritual that was, from my understanding, designed to turn he and his friend into Moon Children. Like the one Aleister Crowley wrote about, and the one Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard tried to make (Babalon). He was planning on conjuring the Enochian Entities on one side, and the Goetic entities on the other side, and he and his friend would be in the center, receiving the forces radiated by both camps, hoping to somehow create within themselves a new being comprised of the powers of the Angels and the Demons.

Ok, now lets not get hasty. We all know, have met, or once were people like him. When it was me, I was doing a chaos magick rite that was based on the Malkavian Clan of Vampires from the White Wolf role playing game "Vampire: The Masquerade." It involved a hand mirror, a camp fire somewhere between Colorado and Texas, and a dedication to infectious madness for the purpose of enlightenment.

It didn't work. I stayed sane, couldn't lose control the way I wanted to. Shrooms, LSD, and massive amounts of pot wouldn't do it either. The closest I came was a brief addiction to cocaine. It wasn't until years later that I discovered to my horror that alcohol was the only thing that could really get me to lose all rational control and operate solely from the Insane Nephesh. But that really wasn't the goal. I was looking to operate from the hyper-sane Neschemah, even though I had no idea what either the Nephesh or the Neschemah were at the time.

I wanted to touch and channel the Divine Madness.

I think that's what the mage mentioned above is going for in his magical work at the moment. I don't think he performed said rite with Enochian and Goetic entities, fortunately enough. He's already obsessed with numbers, like in the movie The Number 23. I can't remember what his numbers are, at least they aren't (obviously) 23. I'm sure it could be turned into 23 with a little imagination.

Anyway, if you're not there yet, you probably will be some day, at least for a while. People do some crazy shit to get the Power Within.

Crowley called it the "True Will." At least he had the wisdom to know that it's not something that needs to be implanted. He taught that it had to be discovered, and proposed the method to be a system of initiations that removed veils until you get to the point where you see and understand that your True Will was there all along. He had you develop prana energy flows as you went along too.

I follow a similar regimen. For me, the "Power Within" is a part of every man, woman, and child. It's part of being "Human." We were made in God's image, and were made to be the tenders of the Garden, co-creators with God. We were his reflection, in a way. Our race is divine. We are manifestations of God-ness.

But we forgot, and get distracted by the bright and shiny things of this world. It happens. The point of the Great Work is to return to our status as co-creators with God. (Note: not to unify with God; we weren't created to be part of God, we were emmanated to be a companion to him. Important difference.)

To function effectively, we have to begin by understanding what it is about ourselves that gives us the Power Within. I found that by studying the Neo-Platonic philosophies. I think you can get it that way too, if you haven't gotten it yet by some other means. Start with the Timaeus dialogue by Plato. Go on to the Corpus Hermeticum, look for Divine Pymander. That gives you the cosmology to understand that you already have the Power Within. Then you can start developing it.

To develop it, you have to remove the things that block its flow from the Divine realm we are from to the material realm we live in. Do this in two ways. First get in touch with your HGA. It's not as hard as people make it out to be in the modern occult realm. I think it needed that much heaviness and emphasis to get it through people's thick skulls that it's important and that you can't really do much without it, but some folks think that's all there is to magic(k). Truth is, that's just the first step, and it doesn't ahve to take long.

At the same time, or soon after, you start cleansing your own sphere. You do this by conjuring the Intelligences of the planetary spheres. Just being in their presence creates a harmonious vibe in your own sphere, and as that happens, your sphere gets more pure. You, just like the earth you live on, are the center of planetary spheres. To get the divine Power Within through you have to get rid of the corrosion on the shells of your spheres.

It's like in electronics. Before you solder two wires together, you have to make sure the copper at the end of the wires is nice and clean. You can either use steel wool to rub it clean, or a sulfuric acid. either way, you get the corrosion off the tips so the electrons flow smoothly. On the Box I made, I have to use sand paper on occasion to clean the electrodes or the backs of the seals so that the light will come on.

Working with the Archangels or Intelligences of the planets has a similar effect on your spheres. Their presence cleanses your sphere and brings peace where there is conflict in your manifestation of "planetary" forces. Like if you have anger management issues, Working with Kammael, archangel of the sphere of Mars can help. It can also push you over the edge if you're trying to hold on to the anger.

The only way to be sure that you won't get pushed over the edge is to work with or through your HGA. The trouble is, when you get in contact with your HGA it can be a bit of an uncomfortable experience. It makes you better, but you have to face some aspects of yourself that you might think are just fine, but are secretly totally fucked up.

As you work with your HGA and the Planetary Archangels, you'll have visions and wonders and miracles begin. After a while, they sort of fade away into the background of your life. This is normal. At this stage, you're supposed to start doing stuff on your own. Your HGA will let you know when it's time, and what to do if things seem to be stagnating.

But remember, the Power Within... the Power Within... The Power Within!!!

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