Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tonight's Work

First, before I forget, the Geomantic Tumblers have been right on so far. They said my daughter would get a B, and she got a B+ on that math test.

Ok, back to tonight's Work. I just spent a long time making something really ... primitive. But I likes it.

In the hour of Mercury, on the day of Mercury, I conjured Raphael, Archangel of Mercury to help me with this work. I was trying to make a simple round talisman to the Archangel to use with my Box, but then I got an inspiration. I looked over and saw the huge plaster brick I'd made for the Pentagonal Seal of Solomon, the project that had failed miserably, and thought about how easy it would be to carve using a grinding bit on my dremel tool.

So I carved out a rough figure of the symbol of Mercury, and melted up some pewter, some silver, and a dash of more tin. The mixture of metals, per Aaron Leitch, makes it a mercurial metal when it solidifies. The pewter came from my daughter, who had broken a cheaply soldered fairy's wings right off. I tried to fix it, but I failed, and she said I could have it. I told her what I wanted to do with it, and she said "Cool." That works for me. I just realized it was an Arial spirit that it had been molded into, and Mercury is associated with the element of Air. "Cool."

I melted the metals, and poured them into the rough mold, cleaned up the edges as best as I could, and engraved it with the name Raphael, RPAL in Celestial Script, the Archangel seal of Mercury from the Magical Calendar, and the Sigil of the Planet Mercury, also from the Magical Calendar. Some parts are prettier than others.

Now, I've said before that "ugly works." It's a good thing. This isn't fine art, by any means. It shows two things about me. One, I'm an amateur metallurgist. Two, I don't let that stop me; my passion for communing with the spirits far outweighs any worries I have about how I look while doing so. It's the communion that counts.

Now I wanted to test it out on my Box, but it's now the hour of the Moon. No time, no time. It took far longer than anticipated. The next Mercury hour isn't until 4:08 AM my time, and man, that's frickin' early. Or late. I don't think I'll be using it this week, unless ... Well, I'll check Trithemius and see what he says.